Brennan Besser Takes A Trip

Not to a new school, as I feared when I initially read his name on my notifications.

Brennan Besser is one of my favorite players. Though his playing time is limited, Brennan brings an intensity and heart to the game that we’ve seen from few others. A self-proclaimed “big” ideator, he has one that has a lot of good in it. Brennan Besser will bike all the way from Seattle, Washington, to New York, New York.

He hopes to initiate events in roughly 50 cities, aiming at $1M for charities supporting those with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The movement is inspired by Brennan’s older sister, Jacqueline, who is developmentally delayed. It’s a great cause instated by a great guy.

Support Walk On! America here.

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  1. Sarah,
    While I’m not a Duke fan myself, your passion is evident in each piece you create for your blog! I hope you keep posting next year, I’ll miss morning updates next year…
    Ms. Mack

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