“We Got What We Deserved”– When Coach K is Really, Really Mad

Duke’s (possibly former) starting 5: Marvin Bagley III (35), Trevon Duval (1), Grayson Allen (3), Gary Trent Jr. (2), Wendell Carter (34). Photography courtesy of Duke University Athletics.

After the awful loss to St. John’s on Saturday (see Duke Basketball Updates Forum), Coach K expressed his anger with the team to the press.

“They were the better team today. Ponds was terrific, but also they played with an enthusiasm and a togetherness that I’m sure they liked. It was tough for us to defend them. I thought  they made us look bad, but then we made ourselves look bad. We did not play basketball the first thirty-two minutes that is worthy of our program. We had blank faces, we didn’t talk, we were like five individuals. It was disgusting, really.” (Coach Mike Krzyzewski during his postgame press conference after an 81-77 loss to St. John’s)

We all know why the Blue Devils lost on Saturday. They were looking ahead to the rivalry matchup in Chapel Hill that looms on Thursday. St. John’s was an afterthought. Well, they’re not, obviously. In the past, in events similar to these, Coach K has come up with some sort of discipline for his team. Will the past repeat in more ways than one? Coach K is certainly more than upset enough. Some possibilities:

  1. Last year, for example, the team lost their privileges such as access to the locker room. This is likely to happen: if they’re not going to work hard enough to represent Duke University, they’re not going to get the privileges. Period.
  2. Someone more worthy of a start will probably do so and play the majority of the game. Hopefully not- I love our benchwarmers, and they play well, but no. No way. Not in Chapel Hill. I can take a few losses (at this point, four, hoping it tops out there), but not one to UNC.
  3. This probably already happened: practice starts the very second they get off the plane at RDU, and anyone who isn’t working hard enough, well, I’d start doing so. Please, for your own sake.

There’s also a chance that something new is conjured up for this specific group. Welcome to Duke Basketball, freshmen. We stand for something. You’ve been invited to represent it. Do it right.

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